Installing A Tilt Column in a Fullsized Chevrolet

Tilt columns are very beneficial since they allow an easy way to climb in and out of a car without the driver having to hit his or her stomach on the steering wheel (more of a problem for some than others). "Tilts" also allow you to adjust the height of the wheel depending on whether the seat is sitting high or low.
Classic Performance Products of Buena Park, California, installed the chrome steering column provided by Ken Callison of Ididit Incorporated. The pros at CPP normally don't do installs, but this  time around they made an exception and hooked up a tilt column complete with a Colorado Custom  steering wheel.
The custom chrome column for '63-'64 Chevy Impalas is also available with a paintable finish. The CPP crew showed us just how easily this true bolt-on kit can be installed. 
The stock column on this '63 is ready to be replaced with a new one.
First, loosen the column from the stock gearbox.
Loosen the steering shaft from the gearbox.
Remove the lower firewall plate to allow the column to be released.
Lossen the column from under the dash.
The column should now come completely loose.
The column's turn signals are wired to the Dakota Digital dash. 
Since the steering assembly was already disassembled. CPP installed their 605 steering box kit. 
Counter sink the steering shaft to allow it to lock in place. 
The steering shaft is loosened from the top.
Loosen the column clamp to allow it to be removed.
Loosen the metal boot by removing the metal safety clip.
Once it is loose, the straight column should slip out.
Here's a comparison of the old stock column and the new Ididit column.
The new column is ready to be installed.
Here's the old stock steering shaft and the new upgraded collapsible steering shaft.
The shaft should slip right in without any binding. 
You'll need to use the old linkage lock for the transmission linkage.
The shaft should now slip out without a problem.
Next, loosen the transmission linkage.
First, install the column trim.
Check the tilt column before bolting on the rest of the dash trim.
Now install the lower column trim.
Hook up the transmission linkage. 
Try out the steering mechanism before hitting the road.
The steering wheel should tilt and turn without a problem.

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