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Installing a Front Anti-sway Bar on a Chevy Advance Design Truck

by Leon Corley

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1. I bought the Classic Performance Products front anti-sway bar kit from Chevy Duty.  I installed it on my 1953 Chevy 3100. Here are drawings of the brackets that mount the bar. 2. The axle brackets mount to the front u-bolts. The sequence is spacer washer, then sway bar bracket, then shock absorber bracket, then retaining nut. Click on the pictures for a larger image.  Use the Back button to return. 

3. The cross member brackets bolt to existing holes in the front cross member.  The rear hole holds just the bracket. while the front hole holds the bracket and the bushing retainer. The short spacer goes under the rear of the bracket to make it level. The hole in the center of the bracket holds the other end of the bushing retainer. 4. Here is a drawing showing how the bracket and retainer bolt to the cross member.

5. I didn't have a helper, so I used some C-clamps to support the bar while I attached the bushing retainers.  it's too heavy to hold up one-handed. 6. Here's the arrangement of the various parts that make up the end link. The axle bracket is sandwiched between the bottom two bushings while the bar goes between the top two. Be careful to get the bushing caps on correctly.  They are easy to put on upside down.

7. All bushing sets were installed before tightening the bolts. Here you can see the spacer under the rear of the cross member bracket. The white stuff is grease for the bushings to prevent squeaks. It gets wiped off after the bolts are tightened. 8. Here is the finished installation. The camera angle makes the rears bushings look tilted. They are actually nearly straight up.

It's always best to have shop and assembly manuals on hand to make sure your installation is correct and to make the project as easy as possible. We recommend factory manuals, available at Greg's Automotive