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Steering Box Installation

Installing CPP's Power Steering Box and Sway Bars

By Jim Aust

Working our way through updating Classic Performance Products' '62 Impala, the next step after a frontend rebuild and the addition of new front and rear disc brakes was an upgrade of the steering system and the addition of front and rear sway bars.

CPP is offering a new 600 series steering box designed around a modern Saginaw steering box. CPP's power recirculating ball gears feature low friction and quick response. This is the same style of steering currently used in NASCAR applications and all CPP components are new (not rebuilt), and 100-percent tested in the factory.

Specifications of the '58-64 Chevrolet steering boxes available from CPP include a 14:1 steering ratio, a three-quarter 30 spline input shaft (same as 605) and a 36-4 tapered spline sector shaft (same as original '58-64 boxes).

After the steering upgrade, our final suspension improvement was the installation of front and rear sway bars from CPP. The easy installation can vary slightly depending on original equipment on each vehicle, but parts are supplied for all applications.

Look for full details on the performance and driving impressions of CPP's upgraded '62 Impala when they get it back on the road with a new engine and trans and a reworked body covered with custom paint in a future issue of R&C.

Classic Performance Products' kits come with everything necessary (including all hardware) to make installation a trouble-free affair.

After we removed the original steering components, the factory steering box mounting holes were opened up to allow the new box to be installed using larger and sturdier mounting hardware.

We installed a new idler arm making sure to reinstall the factory spacer.

This car was Factory equipped with a sway bar so the mounts for the links were already on the A-arms, but for cars without these brackets, CPP supplies these mounts with their new 1-inch-diameter sway bar.

Fresh holes may be required to mount the sway bar brackets depending on original equipment. New tie rods and a reconditioned centerlink from CPP were installed after the sway bar was in place.

If you're retaining the original steering column, the factory steering shaft needs to be shortened with the new larger steering box. We measured and marked the shaft to be shortened.

The shaft was shortened the desired amount with the help of a chop saw.

After securely tack welding the shaft to the coupler, a drill was used to drill the shaft and coupler and then a roll pin was installed as some added insurance. Supplied new power steering hoses will be installed following the fresh power plant.

The rear sway bay was mocked into place and measured to ensure proper mounting location.

Four holes needed to be drilled in the trailing arms and then the mounts were installed using the supplied hardware.

With the install complete, the new 1-inch-diameter rear sway bar, in conjunction with the new front sway bar, will greatly reduce body roll and keep over/under steer to a minimum.