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1962-67 Nova Upper A-Arm Install

Courtesy of Nova Times Magazine
Last month we brought you the new CPP Mini Sub-Frame kit. What a great break through for 62-67 Nova owners. We just recieved a pre production set of upper a-arms to complete the mini subframe kit. These beautiful tubular a-arms are made from thick wall tubing and boast large a-shafts and special bushing.

1...To install these arms we begin by removing the bolts that hold on the outer spring shield.

2...Bolts by shock tower also hold the shield in place.

3...The lower shock nuts need removed.

4...The upper shock nut also needs to come off.

5...With an external spring compressor we can remove the coil spring without removing the upper shock tower.

6...The upper spring cup, the spring and shock will all come out together.

7...Our upper a-arm is exposed and ready to be removed.

8...Two nuts beside the engine on the inner fender tower hold the upper a-arm in place.

9...The arm can be removed.

10...If the lower sprting mount is in good shape remove it. This is done by removing the two nuts.

11...The lower spring mount will lift off the a-arm.

12...The new CPP tubular upper a-arms are great looking and built tough.

13...Each comes with CPP's own upper ball joint. The control arm shaft is larger than stock and made to be strong.

14...Stock spring perches will bolt right on. Optional coil over shocks can be added easily because of the unique design.

15...CPP custom bushings will not deflect under load. These bolts are pre installed and not ment to be removed.

16...We painted the silver power coated a-arms to go with the look of our project. Pictured are the a-arms, lower shock mounts and mounting hardware.

17...The lower spring mounts bolt into these sloted holes.

18...The a-arms were designed to accept any avaiable lower shock mount available.

19...Our completed assembly ready to install.

20...Push the supplied bolts thru the inner fender toward the outside of the car.

21...Install the a-arm shaft over the bolts.

22...The supplied locking nuts will hold the shaft tight to the inner fender.

23...Installation is as simple as that.

24...Recompress the coil spring.

25...Install the spring like it came out with the upper spring cup and shock.

26...Reattach the shock and check everything for problems.

27...The new a-arm will serve you well when combined with CPP's lower a-arm kit.

28...CPP includes a nice instruction sheet with a good drawing of the a-arm.

29...The new CPP upper a-arms are just what the Nova doctor ordered. By the time you read this product will be ready to ship. After installing the mini subframe and these upper a-arms and disc brakes we had the front end aligned. The alignment went in very well. I drove the car 200 miles one Sunday back and forth to a church meeting across PA. The Nova drove great! If you would like more details call Wayne!

It's always best to have shop and assembly manuals on hand to make sure your installation is correct and to make the project as easy as possible. We recommend factory manuals, available at Greg's Automotive