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Nova Front Clip Install

By Dakota Wentz
If there's one thing to be said about American lifestyle, it's the fact that we're always looking for the bigger better deal. It doesn't matter if its about our jobs, shopping, saving seven bucks on a Christmas tree, or fixing up what is quite often our pride and joy; the '66 Nova in the driveway. Lets face it, for most of us money doesn't exactly grow on trees, and nothing is worse
than the feeling you get when you know you've just been had. If you're looking to install an IFS subframe on your '62-67 Nova that ensures quality and competitive pricing, check out what Total Cost Involved has to offer.
When looking for anything there's always those key points we keep in mind. First off, we're always thinking how much is it going to cost.
Second, is it any good? And finally, is it worth it? The new '62-67 Nova independent front suspension subframe kit from Total Cost Involved gets two thumbs up all around. Just listen to the name of the company, that should tell you all you need to know! Besides, we here at NOVA wouldn't steer you wrong.
Total Cost Involved's new kit allows Nova enthusiasts to do so much more with their rides. By relocating the springs down low, and bringing the frame rails closer together, the cars handle like they're on rails.
TCI's narrowed frame rail design easily accommodates room to drop in a big-block. Not only that, but with the several inches saved, tires as big as 17x7s can be ran up front with plenty of clearance. The kit comes with more alterations than Pamela Anderson. The standard se~up comes with tubular control arms, but such options as polished stainless, powder coated, and even airbag control arms are available. The standard GM brake kit can be upgraded to 12-inch drilled rotors with polished four-piston calipers, and if that isn't good enough you can go even bigger with 13-inch drilled rotors with polished six-piston calipers. We're so impressed with the product we've decided to install a kit on a '66 Nova to help demonstrate just how easy, efficient, and totally sweet this kit is.

1. Start out by removing the headlight bezels, hood hinges, antenna, and the rest of the front trim.

2. Remove the fenders and core support.

3. The base of the core support is held together by OEM rivets. The rivets must be drilled out before the core suppolt can be removed.

4. Remove the original subframe from the unibody.

5. Awe...yes. now its time to move on to the fun stuff. Start by placing the TCI subframe up to the firewall for fitment

6. The TCI clip is bolted to the unibody from the stock mounting locations.

7. Staff tecnician Jeff is installing the upper firewall support tubes. Only bolt down the tubes to the subframe for now.

8. Depending on fitment shims may need to be used in order to get the support tubes to mount properly. Here Jeff uses the 118-inch shims included in the kit. If more shims are needed the stock shims may be used as well.

9. Next bolt on the hood hinge support brackets.

10. The lower control arm is attached in preparation for tile spring and shock installation.

11. Place the coil springs and shocks into the spring pockets.

12. Bolt down the spring and shock setup to the subframe spring pockets.

13. The upper control arm is bolted in place.

14. Install the 2-inch dropped spindle assembly; Install the spindle to lower ball joint then attach to the upper ball joint.

15. Next, attach the sway bar and mounting blocks.

16. Finish up mounting the sway bar to the control arm.

17. Jeff is installing the rack-and-pinion assembly using the bolts, washers, and lock nuts that were supplied.

18. It's now time to attach the tie rod ends to tile spindles.

19. VOILA! here you have it the sub frame and front suspension is locked cocked and ready to rock.

20. We started re-assembling the sheetmetal beginning with the core support.

21. The only thing not included in the kit was the inner fender panels. They can be purchased for an extra $200, and we highly recommend it. They're easy to install and they clean up the look of the engine compartment.

22. While Jeff takes a breather TCI salesman David Stoker gave us a hand with the installation of the hood hinges.

They finish off the project by mounting the fenders to the inner fender panel, core support and body.

23. There are several options available for the kit. Shown here are powder coated. polished stainless, and airbag control arm upgrades.

25. How low can you go?

26. A little bit lower now...

27. A little bit lower now...oh wait that's it this Nova's layin' frame. The airbag arms give you more than enough clearance to slam it to the ground.