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CPP 64-67 Nova Stock Spindle Disc Brake Kit - Quick Install

This page describes the installation of the entire kit...just the highlights.

[WARNING/DISCLAIMER: use this information at your own risk, modifying automobile brake systems can lead to dangerous situations, always have a trained mechanic check your work, I take no responsibility for the results, you've been warned, you're on your own...]

The basic sequence for installing the kit is:

1 - Remove the front drum brake hardware and drain the brake system. (Details)

Remove the brake drum, hub, shoes, and all brake hardware.

Remove the backing plate from the spindle

2 - Remove the master cylinder (Details)

Drain the brake fluid, and disconnect the brake lines

Remove the original master cylinder

3 - Install the brackets, disc brakes, calipers, and flex hoses (Details)

Install the bracket, tighten lower bolts to 60 lb-ft, single large bolt to 75 lb-ft.

Grease inner and outer bearings, install bearings and rear seal into hub, install hub onto spindle

Attach caliper assembly to caliper bracket and connect flex line.

4 - Install the new MC and attach the brake lines (Details)

Modify brake lines to fit new attachment location

Attach MC to firewall, attach brake lines, fill with fluid.

5 - Bleed brakes and adjust proportioning valve

This is not a step do do quickly...please follow the final adjustments full description page.

6 - Done!