Chevy Truck lowering kit. Fits 1967-1972 Chevy and GMC trucks.

By Brian McCormick
In the June '92 issue Truckin' magazine, we showed you how to install Classic Performance Products new front end disc brake and lowering conversion for the '67-70 Chevy trucks. Now we will show you how to attack the rear of those same year trucks, including the '71-72 models as well, to make the job a complete success. As we stated in the previous article,  by converting your truck's braking system to a disc format, you are changing the bolt pattern from six-lug to five-lug. So that you don't have two different types of bolt patterns,  it is recommended that you either re-drill your rear hubs to the same five lug pattern or swap rear ends for a unit that possesses the desired lug situation. 
A half-ton '71-72 pickup model rear end is an easy bolt-in for this instance and has the five-lug pattern you will need. While we were making things right in the back, Classic Performance Products went ahead and installed one of their new lowering kits for these same year pickups. The'67-72 trucks are factory equipped with trailing arms and progressive coil springs in the rear which can be difficult to lower if you don't know where to look for the right products. Classic Performance Products has just recently introduced a new line of lowered rear springs to get the job done right.  By installing a set of these lowered rear springs, you can lower the rear of your truck either four or five inches, depend upon which spring you desire. In this case, we installed a 
four inch version and then added another Classic Performance Products item, a custom made 1-1/2 lowering block to the suspension. If you can add, that's a total of 5-1/2 inches lower than stock while retaining a smooth ride.  The new lowering block kit for the '67-72 Chevy trucks is made of high-grade billet aluminum and comes with new extended "U" bolts for a complete installation.  If you are interested in getting your early Chevy down in the weeds while maintaining a decent ride, check out these two new products from Classic Performance Products.
On the left is the stock progressive coil spring from the '67-72 Chevy pickups. On the right, we see the new four inch lowered version that bolts into the same factory location. An optional five inch lowered spring is also available.
Above left - earlier I mentioned about the bolt-pattern changes that are needed in the rear if you convert your truck to disc brakes. Here you can see the difference between a '67-70 Chevy half-ton pickup rear end that is originally equipped with drum brakes and the five-lug version on the right that is from a '71-72 disc brake equipped truck.
Left - Another one C.P.P's new lowering items are these 1-1/2 inch lowered blocks for the '67-72 Chevy and GMC pickups.
1. Installation of the new lowering blocks is easy. Just  remove the stock nuts from the "U" bolts.
2. Then remove the "U" bolt. The shock plate should remain attached to the shock but can be pushed aside until it is bolted back into place.
3. Since you are adding al-1/2 inch lowering block between the rear end and the trailing arm,  you have to install longer "U" bolts which C.P.P. includes in the lowering block kit.
4. Before you actually install the lowering block, go ahead and  pre-position the new "U" bolt through the rear end mounting holes.
5. Now the lowering block can be installed and the new "U" bolt inserted through the block and the trailing arm.
6. Before you begin to reassemble the suspension. make sure that the "U" bolt is completely through the holes as far as it will go.
Shock mount on 1967-1972 Chevy pickup
7. Now the shock mount plate can be bolted-up. When tightening the nuts, make sure that they are evenly good and tight before you take off down the road. 

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