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Stop your classic more efficiently 
with disc brakes that mate with your stock suspension.
For 1947-'59 Chevy/GMC trucks.
* Important note:  This kit was manufactured to be used with 1971-1976 Camaro rotors and calipers. (or a GM equivalent)
By Brian McCormick
Are you tired of having one leg that is all pumped up and quite larger than the other because of the antique manual drum brakes on your 1947-'59 Chevy truck? Do you sometimes feel as though you are wrestling a bull when trying to stop at an intersection? Oh yes, the thrills of driving a classic truck are quite intriguing to say the least. But, you don't have to put up with prehistoric technology to drive a classic hauler; instead, slap on a better braking system.  Classic Performance Products have stepped-up to bat for 1947-'59 Chevy truck fans with an all-new disc brake kit that relieves you of stressful driving 
and brings back safety and assurance. That's right, both Classic Performance Products are taking classic truckin' to a new level by producing upgrading innovations for classic Chevy enthusiasts who are looking to keep their truck along stock boundaries.  The disc brake kit comes with a pair of custom made caliper brackets, bearings and cups, and all the mounting hardware you need. The 1971 and up Chevy rotors and calipers are not included in the package, but a quick trip to the parts yard or local auto parts store will surely provide you with these items. The real truth to this updated brake design is that it's designed to work with 


your stock straight axle suspension, a must for nostalgia buffs. Of course, you will have to swap front wheels since the stock drum pattern is six-lug and the new disc pattern is 5-lug. And, let us not forget to mention your options of manual or power brakes, Both are fine, it simply depends on the application of choice and the engine you have. Classic Performance Products both offer a wide variety of power brake setups that mount on the frame, out of sight, and provide a great measure of convenience. If you do wish to upgrade to a power system, be sure to mention what kind of system you desire for your particular application. Now let's go through the basic installation steps.
The Classic Performance Products disc brake conversion kit includes new bearings and bearing cups, two caliper brackets and all necessary mounting hardware.


All in all, this is what it takes to complete one side. Remember, you have to dig up rotors and calipers.


1. To begin, the truck must be properly jacked-up and supported. As you can see, we are using a truck that has shed its front sheet metal and engine to better show you how to perform this installation.
2. The next step is to remove the brake drums.


3. After removing the return spring, the entire brake pad assembly can be taken off.


4. Now remove the bolts holding the backing plate to the spindle.

5. The stock brake hose that attached to the hard lines on the frame must be unbolted so that the backing plate can be removed.

6. To mount the new caliper bracket, make sure that you have the one for the proper side since the caliper will mount from the rear, not in front. Install three bolts and washers through the holes with the longest on the bottom.


7. slide the new bracket into place and tighten. Make sure that you installed the provided spacers between bracket and the spindle.


8. This is what the bracket should look like installed. Notice that the caliper will be mounted aft of the axle.
9. The kit comes with new bearings cups made for the disc brake conversion. When you slide them on to the spindle, they will become snug and not go on all the way. Don't worry, they're made to do that. Use a press bar or piece of pipe, tapping several times with a mallet, to install the cups all the way.
10. Before installing the new bearings, make sure you grease them generously!
11.  Install the rear bearing first, followed by the grease seat.


12. Now the disc brake rotor can be slid onto the spindle.
13. Once again, grease the front bearings liberally and install.
14. Before the nut is screwed-on, make sure to install the bearing retainer.
15. This is what you will have after the rotor is securely mounted with a cotter pin installed for safety.
16. To install the caliper, the piston side faces inboard and the pressure relief nut faces upward.
17. The socket head bolts slide through the inside caliper mounting hole, through the bracket and on to the other side of the caliper. Make sure to get the bolts good and tight.
18. Now you can attach your new brake hose onto the caliper.
19. Attach the other end of the rubber brake hose to the hard line the same way as you removed the stock version.
20. To keep the brake line from flopping around inside the frame hole, make certain that the inside  portion of the fitting is clipped from the inside. Your truck should have had these clips in place at the beginning of this installation.
21. And there you have it! Disc brakes on a straight axle classic with no major modifications. Remember that you must decide whether you are going to upgrade to power brakes, or stick with the manual setup. There are a host of power brake options that are determined by application.


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