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A 4 link provides control of the axle during suspension cycling and to locate the axle under the vehicle. The most common 4 link is used with panhard bar. This is found in many cars and pickup trucks. The 4 link for a solid axle has a few variations such as the triangulated 4 link and the Parallel 4 link. Typically each arm has a spherical joint or rubber bushing at each end. Consequently they react to loads along their own length, in tension and compression, but not in bending. In a solid axle suspension the upper arms may have an angle of at least 45 degrees between them, to prevent the axle from moving from side to side while allowing the axle to articulate and move freely up and down. In a solid axle the lower arms control forward and backward motion, the upper arms control forward and backward rotation. This rotation is present under acceleration and braking. Kit includes bars, brackets, coil-over crossmember. Coil-over 4-Link rear suspension provides the best ride for any classic truck. These kits attach directly to the stock frame rails. The adjustable axle brackets let you set ride height in one of three positions. A bolt-in upper crossmember for coil-overs is included.


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