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CPP’s New Big Bore Metric Caliper

All new design to replace the popular small piston GM metric (S10) caliper. The bore size has been increased to offer more than a 20% increase in stopping power. This new caliper is universal and can used on the left and right sides because the bleed screw and banjo fitting can be installed into either position. The casting has been cleaned up to make chrome, powder coat, or custom painting look even better. Extra ribs have been added internally while unnecessary weight was removed. This caliper is lighter, stronger, has more stopping power, and fits any application that uses the small GM metric (S10) caliper.
CPP’s calipers have all new parts and come loaded with standard D154 brake pads, clips, slide pins, banjo bolts, washers and bleeder screws (banjo and bleeder are 10mm-1.50). These calipers can replace D154 type GM metric calipers (1978-88 mid-size and 1983-02 S10) used on most Mustang II conversions (Note: mounting pin to mounting pin is 5.5”). Classic Performance Products is now shipping these new calipers with all their brake systems that use D154 type GM metric calipers. They can also be purchased separately as a performance upgrade.


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