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Mustang II Sway Bars

Picking the correct sway can be very difficult Because there are so many different products on the market today. Some work with each other and some only work with OEM products. We have developed a way to identify which Mustang II sway bar will fit your application whether you have original or aftermarket parts. Remember sway bars are the key to a great handling truck; they reduce body roll and help under and over steering in the corners so make sure you take the time to order the correct one. You will need to measure the distance between your lower control arm pivot points. If your measurement is approximately 22”, you have a stock width crossmember and should use our #SB010M2 sway bar which is 43.5” wide. Most aftermarket crossmembers are 2” or 4” wider than stock and in a few cases we have found Crossmembers that are 1” narrower. Most 1947-54
trucks are 2” wider and most 1955-59s are 4” wider but we recommend you measure your truck just to be sure you get the right sway bar the first time. For a clean installation we recommend you use control arm sway bar brackets shown below.


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