Sound only heard out of one speaker or one side on four speaker set up:
1. Adjust the balance control. You must press in on this knob to adjust the sound between channels.
2. Check all speaker connections. Make sure no speaker leads are disconnected or touching ground  
No sound, tape or radio:
1. All power leads must be connected to 12volts. On digital radios, there is a memory lead, usually brown/white or yellow. This lead must have 12volts at all times.
2. Check fuse in switched power lead (red) and memory lead (brown/white or yellow). Replace with same size fuse if necessary.
3. In two speaker set up, make sure the Fader is set all the way to one side.  
Radio lights, no sound:
1. Memory lead for radio is not hooked up.
2. Check speaker hook-up and check No sound, Tape or Radio above.  
Lights dim and radio distorts, or cuts out:
1. Check ground. Reconnect ground wire to a solid chassis ground.
2. Check Bass control. If turned up to full bass position, this can cause distortion if your speaker cannot handle it.
3. Make sure no speaker leads are touching each other, or chassis ground. 
No backlighting on display:
1. Some radios have a dimmer wire marked illumination or dimmer. Connect to the dimmer circuit in your dash, or you can connect this wire to the power antenna turn on lead. 
No sound on CD changer:
1. Check magazine in changer. Is it loaded properly?
2. Press the reset button on changer (located next to the eject button) with a ball point pen.
3. On the models that use a Kenwood changer, make sure the switch in the changer is in the 0 position. These radios do not have disc naming. See Kenwood changer manual.  
  If none of the above actions solve the problem. call our tech hotline. 800-497-0797 


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