I finally got my 1950 Chevrolet, Tudor Sedan Special on the road. The car was started some 20 years ago by another person. They did some body work and painted the car in 1986 then started the interior work. I bought the car 3 years ago and finally got it "on the road again" this year.

The orginal 215 has been replaced with ANOTHER Stovebolt 6 from a 1956 chevrolet. The orginal transmission and drive line were retained. The engine was fitted with a "cam" and twin Rochesters setting on a dual intake by Edelbrock. The electical system was updated to 12 volt using an "single wire" alternator. All the 6 volt bulbs were replaced with 12 volt blubs.

The original gauges are still in the car but are not being used. I installed "under the dash" volt meter, oil pressure and water temp gages. I also rewired the car for turn signals using the orginial tail/stop and running lights along with a "third eye" stop light installed into the package tray. I have been "fighting off the V-8 wolves and intend on keeping the 6 cylinder.

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