In 2002 this car went thru a transformation. The 6 cylinder was removed to make way for a freshly rebuilt 283 Chevy small block V-8 with .060 overbore. It also has forged pistons, a Luaniti cam, Monte Carlo heads with hardened valve seats, A Weiland Stealth aluminum intake manifold, a Holley 600 electric Choke Carburetor, Mallory Unilite electronic ignition, Tall aluminum valve covers, An Accel SuperCoil, chrome Alternator, Taylor 8mm plug wires, K&N air filter, custom fit ceramic coated headers, dual exhaust with custom cutouts, a Saginaw 4-speed transmission and a Hurst Shifter.

On the outside it sports a set of Cragar SS wheels (15x7” on the front and 15x8” on the back) along with brand new B.F. Goodrich T.A. Radials which make it steer and drive great! I’ve dressed it up a bit with Chevy emblem Blue-dot tail light lenses and Chevy emblem turn signal lenses in the front.

Plans for the future include Disc brakes all around with a 2” drop spindle set-up, replacing all the original wiring and updating the stereo with a CD changer and more power!

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