1956 FORD F-100
Color: House of Color Pink Pearl, Wheels & Tires: Front-17” Boyds W/23545ZR17 Goodrich, Rear-18” Boyds W/245ZR18 Goodrich, 350 Chevy W/ Turbo 350 Trans, 4 Wheel Disc Brakes, Dipolmat front suspension, 9” Rear on Leafs, Dropped 10” Front-6” Rear, Custom Tail Lights that read HONKY TONKN. Truck was completely taken apart and built by me and some good friends with the exception of upholstery. Started on truck in Jan. 1994 and drove it to the north south run in Aug. of 94 completed. Haven’t stop driving it since has more than 45 thousand miles and more to come.

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