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Frame mount, remote fill


Shown with Booster Upgrade

Standard firewall mount



After years of developing unique brake products, Classic Performance has developed their most innovative product yet. The all NEW MCPV-1 which combines the master cylinder, double adjustable proportioning valve, removable metering valve and stop light control all in one compact light weight unit, available for Disc/Drum or Disc/Disc applications. The MCPV-1 solves many problems associated with trying to do the same thing with four or five separate pieces being plumed together. The MCPV-1 is the master cylinder, proportioning valve, metering valve and stop light all in one package. The unique shape allows it be located on the firewall, under dash or on the frame just about anywhere. It’s approximately the same size as the ever-popular Corvette master cylinder...only 260% lighter.

The MCPV-1 has two circuits...front and rear. The front circuit of the MCPV-1 contains the metering valve, which is required on cars that have disc brakes on the front wheels and drum brakes on the rear wheels. The metering valve does not allow any pressure to the disc brakes until a threshold pressure has been reached. The threshold pressure is low compared to the maximum pressure in the braking system, so the drum brakes just barely engage before the disc brakes kick in. Having the rear brakes engage before the front brakes provides a lot more stability during braking. Applying the rear brakes first helps keep the car in a straight line.

The rear circuit of the MCPV-1 contains the adjustable proportioning valve and the maximum rear pressure adjustment. The adjustable proportioning valve controls the balance of pressure between the front and rear brakes. For example, if the adjustable proportioning valve was set to 70 percent and the brake pressure was 1000psi, the front brake would get 1000psi and the rear brakes would get 700psi, regardless of what type of brakes a car has. The Maximum Rear Pressure Adjustment controls the maximum rear pressure allowed to the rear brakes to help prevent rear wheel lock up. If the Max Rear Pressure Adjustment is set to 500psi and the adjustable valve set at 70 percent, the front brakes get 30 percent more until the rear reaches 500psi.

MCPV-1 Master Cylinder
CP31500-C Chrome 1” bore $199.00 Inquire
CP31501-C Chrome 1-1/8" bore    


UPGRADE-MCPV1 Upgrade to power booster





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