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1955-'59 Chevy Pick Up Sway Bar Kit

for TCI Leaf Spring Kit

(1) 3/4 " x 41 " sway bar      (4) 3/8-24xl-1/4" bolts
(2) saddle brackets (4) 3/8-24 nylox nuts
(2) flat brackets (4) 3/8- flat washers
(2) sway bar urethane bushings (2) 3/8-16x9" bolts
(2) tube spacers (2) 3/8" nylox nuts
(8) link bushings (8) 3/8" cupped washers

Installation Notes:

1. The sway bar mounts behind the axle and under the rails. Drill 3/8" holes 4-5/8" behind the front face of the shock cross member and 1-3/8" from the outside edge of the rails. Drill the rear holes for the brackets 3-1/2" behind the first holes.
2. Put the urethane bushings on the sway bar. Sandwich the urethanes between the saddle brackets and the flat ones and attach to the bottom of the rail using 3/8-24xl-1/4" bolts, nylox nuts and washers under each nut.
3. Attach the sway bar to the hole on the 5-hole plate using the 9" bolt and bushings. The order is: bolt, cupped washer, bushing, 5-hole plate, bushing, cupped washer, tube spacer, cupped washer, bushing, sway bar, bushing, cupped washer, and nylox nut.




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