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1949-'54 Chevrolet Passenger Car
Motor Mount Kit

1. Preparing the frame:
Remove the original engine and transmission.
Clean the frame of any dirt and rust, especially around the area where the motor mounts need to be welded (see illustration).
2. Installing Motor Mounts
Mock up the new engine and transmission into the fame.
Check for clearance and interference (fan to radiator, firewall, exhaust to steering).
Locate the motor mount location in frame, a reference dimension is given in the illustration, and mark the frame where the motor mounts are positioned.
The motor mounts are marked left and right. If there is a doubt, the tubes for the 7/1 6 x 4" bolts should be lower in the rear than on the front.
Remove engine and transmission.
Position motor mounts where the frame is marked and tack weld in place.
Double check measurement for location and squareness.
Final weld mounts.
Paint over welded and bare metal area.
Install engine and transmission.


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