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1935 -48 Ford
Mustang I.F.S. Strut Rod Installation

This strut rod kit will only work properly when it is installed on '35 thru '48 Ford passenger car with a Total Cost Involved's Mustang IFS crossmember. Please check for fit, alignment, and interference when using other manufacturer's Mustang IFS crossmember.
1. Assemble the strut rod (part No. 1 or 3) into the stock Mustang lower arm (part No. 2) and tighten the 2 bolts, make sure that there is either a nylock or locktite on the threads to prevent loosening (see figure No. 1).
2. Assemble the lower control arm into the crossmember, install and tighten the control arm bolts.
3. On '42-'48 Fords, weld the hole with supplied round plug and grind flush with inside of the frame (see fig. No. 3).
4. For the tubular strut rod, mount the triangulated strut rod bracket (part No. 4) onto the lower, inside part of the frame behind the front crossmember. Please note that there is a left and right side and the open side should faces down. (See figure No. 2 and 3). Minor trimming of the bracket maybe necessary for the tubular strut rod to install freely into the bracket. Tack weld bracket in place.
5. For the stock strut rod, install the stock strut rod flat bracket (part No. 5) onto the strut rod with the original rubber donuts/bushings. The lower side of the bracket must be angled toward the center of the car.
6. For proper alignment, you must heat and bend the strut rod toward the center of the car so that the flat bracket will line up underneath the frame (see fig. No. 3). Heat and bent the area around the bend (near the 2 mounting bolt holes).
7. Tack weld the bracket to the bottom of the frame with the triangle gusset (part No. 6) mounted toward the front of the car on the lower inner edge of the frame (see fig. No. 3).
8. Cycle the suspension up and down and check for interference and binding. Final weld everything.


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