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'28-'31 Model 'A' - Rear Anti-Roll Bar

The TCI Model 'A' rear anti-roll bar is designed to work on TCI's narrowed frames. It can be used on other 'A' frames but the rear section of these other frames must be narrowed as shown in illustration #3.
A Center of hole in frame for torsion bar is located 12" forward from the center of the rear axle housing and 1" down from the top of the frame rail. Bore or hole saw a 1-1/4" hole in both frame rails and weld in the frame bushings provides.
B Torsion arms should be timed (mounted in the same position on both ends of the bar) and then connected to the upper hole in the 4-Link bracket with the special bolt/stud and rod end links as shown.
All welding should be done by a qualified welder

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