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CPP ’s New LS-1 Complete Install Kit
Apr 18, 2009

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It’s time to install an engine that requires no maintenance,is super lightweight,puts out unbelievable horsepower and torque yet gives you a car you can just jump in,hit the key and go. This new LS-1 complete install kit by Classic Performance Products, Inc. will do exactly that! Just what
you need to put an LS-1,LS-2,LS-3 or LS-6 engine into your classic 1955-57 Chevy full size car.
Kit includes: oil pan,windage tray,dipstick tube,dipstick,oil pick up tube,engine side mount kit, polished engine side mount adapters,silver ceramic coated headers,transmission crossmember kit and all mounting hardware.Kit works with manual or automatic transmissions and will also fit 2000 or newer Vortec engines.

CPP’s Brand New Big Brakes Now Available for 1960-87 Chevy Pick-ups
Dec 15, 2008

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Looking for a spindle and brake kit for your lowered truck with big tires and wheels? CPP's introduces their new modular 2" drop spindle and drop spindle wheel kits for 1960-87 Chevy pickups. This exclusive new “Simple Offset Solution” or SOS™ design helps solve tire to fender interference commonly found with lowered trucks. This new SOS™ technology was designed to address concerns about using aftermarket big wheels and tires by using different spindle/rotor offsets. Classic Performance’s new modular spindle and bracket works with factory 1971-87 C10 brake components, or for a HIGH performance option, combine CPP’s spindle with their new Big Brake 13" Rotor, Twin 52mm Piston Brake Caliper kit.
Classic Performance’s new Modular Spindle offers many benefits available for the first time, installs easy without modifications, works with factory ball joints and tie rod ends, lowers your truck a full 2", offers adjustable steering stops, provides 1-1/8" more fender to tire clearance, allows use with standard factory brakes and performance aftermarket "BIG" Brake Kits.

One-Piece Muscle Car Drop Spindles for Big Wheels & Big Brakes
Dec 15, 2008
New Window CPP’s “New School” spindles are a new series of 12” Big Brake 2” Drop Spindles designed for 15” or larger wheels. The one-piece designs make them easy to install and keeps them attractively priced. The “New School” series is a CPP exclusive and retail for $219. These spindles can also be used with our high performance 12” Big Brakes that includes 12” rotors, new big bore GM calipers, brake pads, hoses, bearings and seals, spindle kits and dust caps and necessary hardware.
CPP’s new drop spindles are available for 1967-69 Camaro, 1964-72 Chevelle, 1968-74 Nova, and 1955-64 Fullsize.

New Pro-Touring Packages Now Available
Dec 15, 2008

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Increase the handling and performance of your “G” machine with Classic Performance Products’ new Pro-Touring Packages. Everything you need is included in the kit: front and rear tubular control arms, sway bars, springs, shocks, ball joints, bushings, bump stops, hardware and easy-to-follow
instructions. CPP’s packages offer pro-touring performance handling, look and stance in an afforadable packaged kit.
Kit shown is $2179, Stages I-IV are also available, please give CPP a call.

New & Improved Roller Bearing Kit Now Available
Dec 15, 2008

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Convert your original ball bearings to modern tapered roller bearings with Classic Performance Product’s newly designed roller bearing kit for 1947-59 Chevy Trucks. Tapered bearings disperse heat better than the original ball type and can also deal with today’s grooved roads and modern wheels and tires much better. We have also improved the seal.
We highly recommend switching to the improved roller bearing kit when installing CPP’s 6-lug brake conversion kit.

Drop Spindle Big Brake Kit Now Available for Chevelle
Dec 15, 2008

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Classic Performance Products new 12” Drop Spindle Kit for 1964-72 Chevelles has almost everything you need to add 12" disc brakes and 2" drop spindles to your disc or drum brake car, including NEW loaded (with disc pads) big piston calipers, 12" one-piece rotors, bearings, seals, dust caps, spindle nuts, hardware, and rubber brake hoses. CPP is the first to bring a Big Brake kit designed specifically for 15" or larger custom wheels. Provides a full 2" drop and will not change your car's steering geometry (stock height spindles are also now available for this Big Brake kit).
This new kit gives you Big Brake performance and lowered look at an unbeatable price. We have several kits available prices start at $439.00.

World Class Brakes for America’s Muscle Cars from CPP
Dec 15, 2008

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In an exclusive partnership, Classic Performance Products, Inc. is now the only supplier in the world for GM AFX Muscle Car disc brake kits by Brembo. Brembo’s billet aluminum bells with their “float” bushings allows the disc to seek its true centerline for consistent braking performance. The floating disc design reduces heat and stress transfer to wheel bearings and hubs. The two-piece rotor assemblies also reduce the un-sprung weight (approximately 8 lbs. per corner) for better handling, quicker response and better acceleration. The mounting system is designed to allow a specific amount of float in both radial and axial directions.
Brembo has designed special anti-rattle springs that are used on every other fastener in order to slightly preload the assembly, as well as preventing excessive noise from the system during street use. Brembo’s high performance calipers have 4 sequentially sized pistons for even pad wear (40/44mm dia), create zero off pedal drag, and are assembled with Ferodo high performance pads. The quiet running Ferodo street/track brake pads are suited for high end street use as well as limited track application. This system works with disc brake spindles and CPP Modular™ Drop Spindles. Fits 1964-72 Chevelle (and other GM “A” body), 1967-69 Camaro and 1968-74 Nova.

Modular Drop Spindles Now Available
Dec 15, 2008

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CPP’s newly designed 1955-57 Modular Drop Spindle is the right solution for all the brake options available in today’s classic car market . This spindle is precision cast from high quality Ductile Iron and features 4140 Chrom-moly CNC machined pins. It accepts factory ball-joints and stock
steering arms and is compatibile with a wide range of brake options, big or small. Perfect for use when lowering your disc brake converted car a full 2", and can be used on 1955-57 models that have already been upgraded with one of CPP's stock spindle disc kit, our Big Brake kit or Wilwood
These are the best engineered spindles, with the best tire to fender clearance on the market today.

New ‘47-’59 Chevy Truck Power Steering Conversion Kit
May 1, 2008

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Classic Performance Products’ newly redesigned Power Steering Conversion kit now includes everything you need to convert to your 1947-59 Chevrolet Truck to power steering. CPP’s complete kit has a new telescoping safety shaft assembly that connects between two new U-joints. The steering column will bolt directly into the cab with no modifications. The kit also includes a new pitman and steering arm and the new adjustable tie rod assembly features late model ends.
CPP’s Power Steering Conversion Kit can be purchased with everything you need from a steering wheel to drop axle, belts and hoses for the power steering pump, or parts can be purchased individually. Available with standard, quick, and variable ratio power steering box.

Newly Designed 1955-57 Chevy Aluminum Fuel Tank
April 17, 2008

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CPP introduces their new aluminum fuel tanks for 1955-57 Chevrolet passenger cars. This all new design holds 25 gallons, mounts to the frame, works with the factory spare tire well, and connects to the original fuel filler. It’s made from 3/16" aluminum alloy, and features 3/8" fuel feed and return ports; compatible with fuel injection. The kit includes a new crossmember that mounts the tank directly onto the frame. It does NOT hang on the trunk floor, so no worries about the condition of your trunk pan.
It also does not hang below the bumper or body line. You get maximum volume in minimum space. This tank still leaves room for dual exhaust and relocated leaf springs. A great addition to your classic Chevy.

Classic Performance Products Exclusive Wilwood Brake Kit Offered      
March 24, 2008      

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Wilwood Brakes has teamed up with Classic Performance Products, Inc. to create a NEW 13" and 14" Front Disc Brake Kit that works exclusively with CPP’s 1958-70 2" Modular™ Drop Spindles. Wilwood’s Superlite 6 Big Brake Front Hub kits are engineered with big wheels in mind and are complete assemblies for conventional front spindle applications. Billet Superlite 6 piston calipers, PolyMatrix brake pads, forged aluminum hubs, machined aluminum hats, and 13" or 14" SRP or GT directional vane rotors exemplify award-winning style and provide the ultimate in Big Brake stopping power.
CPP’s newest 2" drop spindle are precision cast from high quality Ductile Iron, with 4140 Chromoly CNC machined pins. These are the best engineered, and best fitting drop spindles available for your vintage Chevy. This kit is engineered with big wheels in mind.

Classic Performance Products Introduces Big Bore Universal Calipers      
March 15, 2008      

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CPP’s new big bore metric caliper is an all new design to replace the popular small piston GM metric (S10) caliper. The bore size has been increased to offer more than a 20% increase in stopping power. This new caliper is universal and can used on the left and right sides because the bleed screw and banjo fitting can be installed into either position. The casting has been cleaned up to make chrome, powder coat, or custom painting look even better. Extra ribs have been added internally while unnecessary weight was removed. This caliper is lighter, stronger, has more stopping power, universal, and fits any application that uses the small GM metric (S10) caliper.
CPP’s calipers have all new parts and come loaded with standard D154 brake pads, clips, slide pins, banjo bolts, washers and bleeder screws (banjo and bleeder are 10mm-1.50). These calipers can replace D154 type GM metric calipers (1978-88 mid-size and 1983-02 S10) used on most Mustang II conversions (Note: mounting pin to mounting pin is 5.5"). Classic Performance Products is now shipping these new calipers with all their brake systems that use D154 type GM metric calipers. They can also be purchased separately as a performance upgrade.

CPP’s Tubular Control Arms Now Available for 1958-64 Chevys      
February 18, 2008      

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Classic Performance Products’ 1958-64 Tubular Control Arm set provides the 5 degrees of caster you need when running a modern power steering box (can also run with as little as 1-1/2 degrees for manual steering.) These arms come fully assembled with new billet cross shafts and new O.E. type ball joints. CPP’s exclusive pivot assemblies will NEVER squeak, never need grease, and will last longer than any other bushing. These assemblies have the added safety created by the interlocking pivot sleeves, unlike the originals; these bolts will never come loose.
The cold formed spring pockets feature a helical stamped shape that securely locates the coil spring. These arms are made to work with all stock or drop coil springs, and can even be used with coil or bag over shocks. Simple bolt in installation with NO cutting, bending, tweaking, or grinding required. CPP’s tubular control arms will work with all popular sway bars.

Classic Performance Products New Aluminum Chrome Master Cylinder      
January 8, 2008      

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CPP’s newest high performance master cylinder shows further proof that you can have the expensive show-stopping looks without the price tag to go along with it. This aluminum beauty features a chrome plate finish, bolt-on sealed cap to give it that custom look, all for $120. It has standard 3/8-16 threaded ports to accept standard 3/16 I.F. tube nuts eliminating the need for unsightly fitting adapters. The mounting holes are slotted to fit all GM, Ford, and Chrysler applications.
The unique piston design works for manual brakes (deep bore) and includes a bore adapter to work with a brake booster (shallow bore). The built-in reservoir has enough capacity to handle everything from drum brakes to 8 piston calipers. Available in 1" and 1-1/8" bore.


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