POLYPLUS Performance Graphite Bushings deliver superior performance and vastly increased durability. Your vehicle will be a dream to drive and the performance will last much longer then vehicles equipped with the original OEM rubber bushings.

CPP Quality means your components will fit correctly and be a snap to install.

Install POLYPLUS Performance Graphite Bushings and your vehicle will have:
More positive steering wheel feedback, which improves safety.
Suspension will maintain proper alignment longer.
Increased tire life through proper working of your suspension system.
OEM Rubber bushings performance and durability are affected by everyday wear and tear along with environmental elements such as, oil, fluid spills, road salts, ultraviolet rays and dry rot. You cannot avoid these factors but you can lessen their effect on your vehicles suspension by using our POLYPLUS Performance Graphite Bushings. The factors listed above have little or no effect on POLYPLUS Performance Graphite Bushings.

The advanced materials used in POLYPLUS products allow them to withstand the abusive elements that your vehicle encounters on a daily basis that will destroy ordinary rubber bushings.
Performance Graphite Bushings have been engineered to give superior performance while withstanding the environmental elements that destroy rubber.

One of the most important system on your vehicle is the suspension, it pays to use the best components, it pays to use POLYPLUS